Beautiful Montana Agate
in Argentium Sterling Silver Wire


This pendant is a beautiful, light and airy pendent with little sprays of plume throughout.  The Argentium Sterling Silver sets it off nicely.

Agate is one of the most varied and desired forms of "chalcedony" which is one of the many varieties of quartz. An agate, scientifically classified as a cryptocystalline or microcrystalline quartz, has a hardness of 6.5-8 on the Mohs scale. They take an exceptional polish and are used extensively in jewelry and carvings.

This stone is hand cut by me and I then wrapped in Argentium Sterling Silver wire.  It is displayed on a Sterling Silver chain.

It is approximately 51 carats in weight and 2 ¼ inches in length from the top of the bail to the bottom of the stone. It is about 1 ¼ inches in width at the widest point.