Beautiful Igneous Rock Pendant
in Argentium Sterling Silver



This pendant has a wonderful history and is not just a rock.  It is an Igneous Rock with an abundant array of inclusive minerals.  This material is from the Gabbro family.  Gabbro is a dark plutonic rock that is considered to be the plutonic equivalent of basalt.

Unlike granite, gabbro is low in silica and has no quartz; also gabbro has no alkali feldspar, only plagioclase that has a high calcium content. The other dark minerals may include amphibole, pyroxene and sometimes biotite, olivine, magnetite, ilmenite and apatite.

Gabbro is named after a town in Tuscany, Italy. You can get away with calling almost any dark, coarse-grained igneous rock gabbro, but true gabbro is a narrowly defined subset of dark plutonic rocks.

Gabbro makes up most of the deep part of the oceanic crust, where melts of basaltic composition cool very slowly to create large mineral grains. That makes gabbro a key sign of an ophiolite, a large body of oceanic crust that ends up on land. Gabbro is also found with other plutonic rocks in batholiths when bodies of rising magma are low in silica.

This stone is hand cut by me and I then wrapped in Argentium Sterling Silver wire.  It is displayed on a Sterling Silver chain.

It is approximately 21 carats in weight and 2 inches in length from the top of the bail to the bottom of the stone. It is about 1 inch in width at the widest point.