Handcrafted Copper Cuff Bracelet


This handcrafted bracelet, created from copper sheet metal, is hand cut and textured to create the unusual surface of this cuff. This bracelet has a wonderful, warm feeling on the inside and out. This piece, complete with a torch painted patina, has golden and yellow hues.  This bracelet could go casual or dressy.  It’s all up to you.  Polished to bring out the surface texture with a lot of filing and sanding until smooth to the touch and hand formed.  Slightly adjustable…..very comfortable.

Each bracelet is hand signed by me and I finish the front of the bracelet with Renaissance Wax.  Renaissance Wax is used in Great Britain at the national galleries for preservation.

Internal diameter – approximately 5 1/4 inches
Back opening – approximately 1 1/4 inch
Bracelet Height – approximately 1 1/4 inch

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