Desert View Picture Jasper
in 14KT Gold-Filled Wire


This piece has a great desert view within and has wonderful movement.  It is encased in warm 14KT gold-filled wire that shows it off beautifully.

Jasper is a massive fine grained variety of cryptocrystalline quartz with lots of mineral contaminates. While the material was forming, the manner in which these impurities layered often appear as impressionist pictures that resemble scenic views of a landscape. Some of these mineral colors can be viewed as images of the sky, water, mountains, trees, hills and even plants and animals. Most often picture jasper is given a name to identify the location or region where it is, or was, found and sometimes the name chosen is associated with the unusual color of the jasper.

The stone is hand cut by me and I then wrapped it in beautiful 14KT gold-filled wire. It is displayed on a 14KT gold-filled chain.  It is approximately 1 ¾" from the top of the bail to the bottom of stone and is approximately 2" at the widest point.  It is about 50 carats in weight.

Includes 18" Gold-Filled Chain

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