Handcrafted Argentium Sterling Silver Pendant and Earrings


Argentium Sterling Silver is bright, and beautiful and catches the light, oh so right.  This handcrafted set started with a 16 gauge Argentium sterling silver wire.  Each piece, pendant and earrings, were then hammered until they were spot on.  They were textured to give them an effect to catch the light   I created a jump ring for the pendant and textured it as well.  The pendant is displayed from a beautiful, sterling silver chain.    Polished to bring out the surface texture with a lot of filing and sanding until smooth to the touch and hand formed. 

Each pendant set is hand signed by me and I finish the fronts of each set with Renaissance Wax.  Renaissance Wax is used in Great Britain at the national galleries for preservation.

Length of pendant approximately 3 ¾ inches
Length of chain approximately 18 inches
Earrings approximately 1 ¾ inches from the top

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