Handcrafted Copper Earrings


One of the most beautiful metals is copper and the warmth it conveys.  This handcrafted set of copper earrings will look just right on that perfect someone.  Warm, grounded, earthy, they will go with anything.  Starting with an 18 gauge copper sheet, these earrings were cut out, textured, drilled and assembled.  The tops of the earrings were then given a concave shape.  They were then given a beautiful rainbow patina with a torch. Ear wires were then created to complete the process.  They were then polished to bring out the beauty of the metal and the surface texture with a lot of filing and sanding until smooth to the touch.

Each pair is hand signed by me and I finish the fronts with Renaissance Wax.  Renaissance Wax is used in Great Britain at the National Galleries for Preservation.

Length of earrings approximately 2¼ inches

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