Wonderful Peach Royal Imperial Jasper
wrapped in 14KT Gold-Filled Wire


Here is a small and petite, but unique cabochon of Royal Imperial jasper, from Mexico.  Wrapped in a warm, 14kt gold-filled wire with soft swirls at the top. 

Royal Imperial Jasper is found in small nodules with a soft white chalky "skin", as opposed to Imperial Jasper which is similar in color but found in large veins and bigger pieces. The material is considered a fine porcelain jasper and it makes wonderful patterned, unique cabochons with a great polish.

This stone is hand cut by me and I then wrapped in 14KT gold-filled wire.  It is displayed on a 14KT gold-filled chain.  It is approximately 12.5 carats in weight and 1¼ inches in length from the top of the bail to the bottom of the stone. It is about ½ inch in width at the widest point.

Includes 18" Gold-Filled Chain

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